Milica Marjanovic with a Follow-up Session for Games-based Learning | Episode 214

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Milica is a master psychologist and constructivist psychotherapist in education, with 5 years of work experience in multinational companies in the role of HR consultant. She started her career in HR in positions focused on recruitment and selection, as well as professional assessment of candidates, resulting in her specializing in assessing the development level of competencies and conducting assessment centers. As a Continue Reading →

David Chandross Learned Who Does What for Learning Games | Episode 213

 Listen to this episode on your phone! David Chandross began his career as a neuroscientist working in the field of selective attention and cognitive science. After receiving his Ph.D. in curriculum and a second masters degree in medical education he went on to become an academic Dean and then held positions in senior administration across Canada in higher education. His work in gamification began in the 1990s and matured Continue Reading →

Orin Davis on the Value of Prototyping to Get Better | Episode 212

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Orin Davis earned the first doctorate in positive psychology, and is a self-actualization engineer who enables people to do and be their best. He consults for companies from startups to multinationals on hiring strategies, culture, innovation, diversity/equity/inclusion, and employee well-being, and coaches people at all levels on building self-knowledge and developing personal growth trajectories. As the principal investigator of the Quality of Life Laboratory, he Continue Reading →

Fourth Anniversary of Professor Game Podcast! | Episode 211

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Welcome to the fourth anniversary of Professor Game Podcast! On a Monday like any other, back in November 2016, the first episodes of Professor Game Podcast were launched! And we are here to celebrate that moment. In this episode, we follow my personal journey in these past years, how this all started and much more. Here are cheers to many more years Continue Reading →

Tisha Richmond and How Gamification Saved Her Passion for Education | Episode 210

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Tisha is a district Student Engagement and Professional Development Specialist and Canvas Coordinator, national speaker, author from Southern Oregon. She has taught Family and Consumer Science for 25 years and has served in various leadership roles in her school and district as well as on Oregon regional and state edtech cadres. Tisha is the author of the book Make Learning MAGICAL, which unlocks Continue Reading →

The Engagers’ Tribute to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi | Episode 209

 Listen to this episode on your phone! This is a special episode that we have created as our tribute to the life and work of Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, who recognized and named the psychological concept of flow. His theories have been used across multiple disciplines and have certainly been a significant part of the body of work around games-based solutions and gamification. Thank you, Professor Csikszentmihalyi!   Links to Continue Reading →

Erik Agudelo and his Toolbox4Creativity on Kickstarter | Episode 208

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Erik is a researcher and developer of Learning Solutions. He’s the founder of Play Learn Develop and also a vegetarian. His research and products combine the use of Human Behaviour, tabletop games and Artificial Intelligence/Data Science. Over the past two years, he has worked with the University of Economics Krakow, in Poland, and with Trinity College Dublin (TCD) in Ireland in order Continue Reading →

Francois Boucher-Genesse Finding the Right Subject for your Learning Game | Episode 207

 Listen to this episode on your phone! François Boucher-Genesse started his career in the AAA video game industry as a game designer. After his first big release in 2008, he started academic studies to determine how to best use games’ potential as learning tools. The results were so promising that he cofounded Ululab, a company that creates games designed to change intuitions on hard-to-learn subjects. Creating truly enjoyable educational Continue Reading →

Mike Rizkalla Showing how Gamification in Snorble is Awesome | Episode 206

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Mike Rizkalla is a visionary entrepreneur with a deep understanding of the advances made in the field of robotics with an award-winning track record in innovation and UX. He aims to enrich the lives of families through magical tech experiences. He is skilled at developing new business and creating digital products that push the boundaries of what is possible, bringing a unique Continue Reading →

Minna Taylor Empowers Play with Improv | Episode 205

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Minna Taylor is the Founder of Energize Your Voice, an NYC-based communication coaching and training firm. With an experiential approach, rooted in the principles of play and performance, she and her team support organizations to explore their full potential in public speaking, storytelling, and leadership communication. Notable clients include UBER, Red Bull, Citi, and E&Y. Minna earned her BFA from NYU Tisch Continue Reading →