Jim Samartino Creates the Thrills As a Jim-of-all-trades in Games | Episode 280

Listen to this episode on your phone! Today’s guest is Jim Samartino, lead Game designer for Secrets of the Lost Station, co-creator of Secrets of the Lost Tomb, conceptual writer for the Big Trouble in Little China “Legacy of Lo Pan” expansion game, and most recently the author of the interactive children’s book Crow the Courageous. He is a father of two, has a degree in psychology, and is a creative Continue Reading →

New Path | Episode 279

Listen to this episode on your phone! Photo by Amélie Mourichon on Unsplash Special episode with more professional updates for me! It will undoubtedly benefit this Engagers community, so listen to this short, 10-minute episode and get up to speed!   There are many ways to get in touch with Professor Game: Subscribe to Professor Game E-mail Newsletter LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Ask a question Looking forward to reading or Continue Reading →

Christen Horne with a Gameful Approach to Life | Episode 278

Listen to this episode on your phone! Christen is, and always has been, a storyteller. She started with singing and musical theatre at the age of five and went on to earn two music degrees. Fictional books (mostly fantasy, some sci-fi) were her best friends growing up and continue to be a huge part of her life. The earliest books she remembers reading are the Jewel Kingdom books and the Continue Reading →

Charlotte Cheng Understanding Her Players for Success | Episode 277

Listen to this episode on your phone! Charlotte Cheng is the Senior Education Manager at CodeCombat. With over 20 years of curriculum design experience, she has developed curriculum content for CodeCombat, Wonder Workshop, the Walt Disney Company, LeapFrog, and several EdTech startups. Her expertise is creating effective and engaging content for kids at the intersection of education, media, and technology As part of her work at CodeCombat, Charlotte hosts and Continue Reading →

Chris Hood Challenges the Game Mechanics | Episode 276

Listen to this episode on your phone! Chris Hood is a digital strategist and technology entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in online entertainment and marketing for TV, Film, Music, and Video Games. As the Head of Business Innovation and Strategy for Google, Chris engages with some of the top companies in the world to develop digital transformation strategies that grow business value. At Google, He also hosts the Continue Reading →

Tricia Underwood Finds the Values Underneath the Objectives | Episode 275

Listen to this episode on your phone! Tricia Underwood is a joy-centered Executive Functioning Specialist who helps students and adults with ADHD and ADHD-like symptoms learn systems, habits, and strategies to create greater success on their unique terms. After graduating from college with a B.A. in Literature and a couple of years trying to work in an office, Tricia pursued a master’s in teaching secondary Language Arts from Tufts University. The Continue Reading →

Andrew Hall Games Us Into Movement | Episode 274

Listen to this episode on your phone! Andrew is the Co-Founder and CEO of G13R, the developers of GenMove, BALLN and MyKicks. GenMove, the company’s flagship product uses AI to create a gamified exercise experience for Gen Alpha / Z using motion tracking to create augmented reality motion games. GenMove was launched into the market in November 2022, in collaboration with the World Health organization with the aim of getting Continue Reading →

Valentin Briukhanov Makes a Coding Game out of Anything | Episode 273

Listen to this episode on your phone! Devoted video gamer with 30+ years experience and started playing on ZX Spectrum. Worked 10 years as a telecommunication and software engineer before making a pivot to game development and education. Worked at CheckiO and created a ton of coding mini-games and puzzles for programmers. For the last 7 years, we have been working at CodeCombat in different roles from level designer to Continue Reading →

Adam Collins Has Boardgames for Lunch, at Work! | Episode 272

Listen to this episode on your phone! What started off as playing games with some coworkers to pass the lunch hour has spun into so much more. Adam started playing The Settlers of Catan with about 4 or 5 coworkers from his division. Word got out that games were being played and within a few months, the group had grown to about 10 people. More games were introduced to the Continue Reading →

Valeria Arellano Focuses on Who Your Game is for | Episode 271

Listen to this episode on your phone! Valeria Arellano has a degree in Education, a Master’s in Family Studies and a Master’s in Economics and Business. She was associate director of Financial Education at BBVA in Mexico. And she is currently the founder of AfortunadaMente where she creates financial education tools and strategies such as the AfortunadaMente board game with which she has reached more than 50,000 families in Mexico Continue Reading →