Valentin Briukhanov Makes a Coding Game out of Anything | Episode 273

Listen to this episode on your phone! Devoted video gamer with 30+ years experience and started playing on ZX Spectrum. Worked 10 years as a telecommunication and software engineer before making a pivot to game development and education. Worked at CheckiO and created a ton of coding mini-games and puzzles for programmers. For the last 7 years, we have been working at CodeCombat in different roles from level designer to Continue Reading →

Adam Collins Has Boardgames for Lunch, at Work! | Episode 272

Listen to this episode on your phone! What started off as playing games with some coworkers to pass the lunch hour has spun into so much more. Adam started playing The Settlers of Catan with about 4 or 5 coworkers from his division. Word got out that games were being played and within a few months, the group had grown to about 10 people. More games were introduced to the Continue Reading →