Short Term Engagement Talk at Serious Play 2019 | Episode 095

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This special episode is a recording of most of my talk at Serious Play Conference 2019 in Orlando, Florida. In this talk, I provide an additional perspective to the discussion of games and gamification in education and learning: the short term. Gamification and serious games are oftentimes referred to as a way to keep your users (players) engaged over the long run or at least over the medium term. I highlight how learners also receive great benefits from engaging with learning over short periods of time, in a way that allows the new information and abilities to stick over the long term.

I won’t be sharing show notes per se on this episode, you can find the public version of the presentation I used (right below) and several pictures of the preparation and some past and future guests I met in Orlando. Hope you enjoy!



These are some past guests and hopefully a future one (James Portnow of Extra Credits)

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Below some pictures of the talk:

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And these are a couple of pictures of what the setup looked like!


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