Tricia Underwood Finds the Values Underneath the Objectives | Episode 275

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Tricia Underwood is a joy-centered Executive Functioning Specialist who helps students and adults with ADHD and ADHD-like symptoms learn systems, habits, and strategies to create greater success on their unique terms. After graduating from college with a B.A. in Literature and a couple of years trying to work in an office, Tricia pursued a master’s in teaching secondary Language Arts from Tufts University. The more she taught, the more her reputation grew for supporting students who did not fit the traditional school mold. Throughout her career as an inclusion teacher-leader and learning specialist, she discovered that the elements of joy are what get all those other practical strategies for goal-getting like organization, time management, and planning to stick. And they are a whole lot more fun to teach this way too.
Tricia has a book coming out in the Fall of 2023 based on her method.  When she’s not coaching and cooking up her next book and program to teach, she does her best to be a responsible adult and parent while keeping up her practice as an expert daydreamer. You can find out more about her offers, services and book at where you can also sign up for her free weekly newsletter about 3 good things that have inspired her work with her clients.


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