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I’m beyond excited to share that my TEDx Talk, How Gaming Can Unlock Your Better Self, is now live on the TEDx YouTube channel! You can find it below or directly at

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Full episode transcription (AI Generated)

Slash subscribe hey engagers, welcome to another episode of the professor game podcast, and I have a different episode this week. We’re going to have something very, very quick here as far as the podcast episode, because it is all about the recent release on TEDx of the talk that I made back in November 2023. It was a very exciting moment for me, but I do well. Of course, I definitely enjoyed doing the talk, preparing the talk, everything that was said there, you know, some of the details that go into it. I might be sharing some more of that if, in fact, if you are subscribed on my email list, you got the notification to this a few days ago, way before this episode went live.

And some more of the juicy details I might be sharing, perhaps on the show notes of this episode. But in any case, in any case, this podcast episode is basically just an invitation for you to check out that TEDx talk, which you can find on tedx 2023. So go to tedx 2023. TEDx like, you know, Ted, Ted talks TEDx with next because this is what TEDx talk and the year 2023, you will find it there. You’ll be able to have access to that.

It’ll send you directly to the YouTube channel where that was around. And I do have a small request, if you can help me share this talk, it’ll be able to help a lot of people around, you know, find out about the, the importance of playing games. In fact, let’s quickly discuss what the talk is about. The talk, this TEDx talk is all about, you know, helping people understand, as I was saying before, that games, you know, some, for, in some circles, in some groups, they have a little bit of a bad rep, especially video games. And, you know, I’m not going to get into the discussion of the bad things that people sometimes say.

This is all about showing the nice, the good side that games can also have if you use them with intention, if you try to bring out the best that games can offer us, to use it for your personal, your professional life, wherever you want to do that. This is like a small piece of what gamification can be like. But for, like anybody can be hearing out there, it doesn’t have like the, the intention of TEDx is always to have talks and have people discussing topics that anybody could be interested in. And that’s how the talk was actually structured so that anybody who’s played or not even played video games or games in general before or who thinks they don’t like or enjoy games they can listen to this and then say maybe, like maybe I do want to play a few games and take out some lessons and see how I can apply that to my personal or professional life. Hopefully again, you will definitely enjoy it.

And again, the only request that I have from you is if you can, if you feel that you enjoyed it, that you liked it, if you can share it with anybody else, whether that’s on your show, social media or personally to one other person that you think would get value from listening to that talk, I would very much appreciate it. All right. And maybe perhaps in the future we’ll see about that. Go into my email list and perhaps we will be getting into some interesting stuff that you could get if you share this with whomever else you want to share it. So if you go to TEDx 2023, you’ll find that it’s the easy way to have the link.

You could find it definitely on YouTube as well, but that’s an easy way to access it. If you’re not on our email list, please go to subscribe, put your email there. You’ll be subscribed to our email list. And if we come up with something interesting to, you know, incentivize some of our players here, some of the engagers into sharing this, you’ll definitely find it right there.

Alright, so again, thank you for listening to this episode. Thank you for listening to TEDx talk. If you’re interested in it, hopefully you will find some value, share it with somebody else. However, at least for now and for today, it is time to say that it’s game over.

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