Game Thinking Masterclass 2019 with Amy Jo Kim and Professor Game

Engagers! You are here because you either heard Amy Jo Kim’s episode on the Game Thinking Masterclass or found out through our email list about this opportunity. If you haven’t listened to the episode, we discuss many details of the masterclass itself, you can find it also at the bottom of this page!

Either way, you’re looking for the link to access the Game Thinking free mini-course to see if the masterclass is for you, click here for that! When you sign up using this link, you will also gain access to additional content on how to apply Game Thinking to the creation of interactive learning experiences by yours truly, Professor Game!

Game Thinking free mini-course + interactive learning experiences with Professor Game

If you after the free course you decide to sign up to the Game Thinking Masterclass, you also get additional access to me if you want to apply these lessons for learning environments at no additional cost! You would be supporting the mission of Professor Game since we are an affiliate of the Game Thinking Masterclass and might receive some revenue, at no cost for you of course!

Still not convinced? If you’re receiving our emails through the email list, just hit reply and let me know what are your doubts and I’ll help you find out if this is for you. If you’re not receiving our emails, subscribe and we’ll be in contact. Remember, signing up for the free course has no cost and no risk!

I’m really looking forward to meeting you on the inside of this journey.

All the best,