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This week we have quite a different episode. I’ve been asked before what is it that I do in gamification aside from this podcast and it all started creating interactive and engaging learning experiences at IE Business School‘s Publishing.

In this episode, I talk about several things, starting with a quick overview of how this department arrived at where it is, which includes being born in a time when IE Business School was undergoing a significant transformation and going into blended education (online plus limited face-to-face). At the time of the recording of this episode, IE Publishing holds the largest collection of interactive materials for business education. Among other things, this is thanks to a continued investment and effort since 2001 when it all started.

Then I get into what these interactive learning materials are and what they are not, which starts by noticing that they are certainly not that “interactive eLearning” that means just clicking next! Interactive learning materials at IE Publishing include learning paths, videos, animations, feedback, consequences and much more. The good news is it doesn’t mean instructors need to be techies, on the contrary, the tech is taken care of so they can focus on the pedagogy and what they do best which is to get their learners to learn.

During the episode, I mention an interactive video that shows some of the features of the collection. To get started just click play below. Remember it is interactive, so you can get to choose what questions to ask our professor, student and/or team.

Finally I left an open invitation for those who might be interested in getting more into these learning materials from the collection (which is growing and getting updated constantly) to go to professorgame.com/IEWebinar to either register for an upcoming webinar on the topic or find whatever information might be relevant at that time.

Last but not least, if you are a professor, instructor, learning and development or similar type of professional, you might be interested in registering at IEPublishing.ie.edu where, if approved, you would also gain access to inspection copies so you can check out these materials in detail. Thanks again for tuning in!


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