Business Learning Games 2019 Panel Discussion [Part 2] | Episode 106

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This special episode is part 2 of the live recording of the panel that was held on the Business Learning Games Conference 2019 in Lisbon, organized by the Business Excellence Institute. In part 1, we were left with a cliffhanger with regards to a question about the relevance and even the desirability of flow. This second part is the rest of the discussion and it features even more participation from the audience, which was great but also unexpected!

If you want to know more about the panelists, check out the show notes of part 1.

Last time, the episode ended with a question for the panel: “Do you feel the flow is an objective itself in using game-based learning?” which is how this one begins. The discussion initially goes to how many game designers use this as well as film and TV leaving you lost in their environments where you can lose a sense of time. The panel then goes on to discuss how although experiences can create environments that stimulate flow the individuals themselves cannot sustain it for long periods, questioning if we need or want to sustain that. An important distinction between engagement was also brought up, and is very important to consider!

The panel moves on to discuss an idea raised by the audience if it would be appropriate or possible to replace the traditional idea of exams with the information that can be collected from games. The initial point raised goes into how games with built-in levels can certainly be a powerful approach of assessment and do show a need for a conversation around this. This point is then echoed going into how the current exam-based system only rewards a certain demographic of learners.

The idea of traditional educational institutions becoming accreditors as information becomes more widely available is raised by the audience, the panel goes in-depth on this topic going into how this is already happening on a certain level and that people are finding it can be advantageous to go down a route that leads to more hands-on experience alongside accreditation. The panel then closes with the point that a university provides the material as well as facilitates conversation and interaction between students which goes well above simply providing the information and how difficult it is to turn around the current model.

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These are some images to show a part of the fun we had at the Business Learning Games Conference 2019 in Lisbon!

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