Gamification Going for Online Classrooms During COVID19 with Dustin Staats | Episode 128

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This episode is quite different, it is the audio taken from the live stream that Dustin Staats and I did on Facebook and Instagram. These show notes will also be different, given that the conversation mostly unstructured, except for the questions that we prepared beforehand and that I mention below. Right after that, I’m going to mention some resources that relate to the move to online for educators in general, though of course given my stakes in higher education there will probably be more in that regard. Enjoy!

These were the three questions that triggered a large part of the discussion, which was interspersed with a couple of questions we got from the outside and general considerations given the COVID-19 crisis, especially on how this has affected educators and learners all around the world. Certainly, our bias will be towards game-based strategies, as you would expect.

  • What component of game-based learning and/or gamification is the same whether looking at it online or offline?
  • What can we enhance as we bring gbl and/or gamification online?
  • What are some simple things teachers/educators can do with gamification/gbl online?

Next, these are some resources I’ve bumped into related to moving online. I’ll provide a quick comment on each:

  • This one I was somewhat involved in, as it is an initiative of IE University from my department of publishing, it is a post with the edited recording of a webinar with Professor Patricia Gabaldon, along with the slides shared and links to resources mentioned:
  • Harvard Business School has also offered this resource page Moving Your Classroom Online with a good amount of resources, you can surely spend some time on it. In particular Yes, Business Simulations Can—and Should—Be Taught Online is one of their guides to integrating simulations (or games) into an online environment.
  • Michael Matera has decided to re-open The Hive Summit due to the COVID-19 crisis. This usually is only open for some time during summer, so I’d suggest taking up this opportunity and take advantage of it if you’re having some extra time these days.
  • Serious Play Conference was due to happen in late June 2020. However, the circumstances seem to lead towards a postponement or more and have had many speakers participate in webinars which they have made available on this Serious Play Conference page. Several great speakers are offering valuable insights (both for online or otherwise) there.
  • Amy Jo Kim offered the Game Thinking Design Lab recently, I believe you can register and get recordings as well. As you might know from previous episodes, she is an absolute rock-star of Game Design and there is a lot of lessons to draw from her ideas to bring into learning.

I hope you find all or some of these resources helpful. If you know of something I didn’t mention, please include it below in the comments! I’m looking forward to having an ample collection for all of us here.

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