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Trent Knox is the Founder & CEO of Esports Business Network, also known as EBN. Knox is a graduate of University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he studied Digital Cinema through the Academy of Creative Media, also known as ACM. His studies lead him to pursue a career in independent filmmaking, where he discovered the community & industry of Esports. His experience working in traditional media formats, such as television & film, gave him a foot in the door as credentialed media. His coverage of events such as SXSW Gaming, DreamHack, Anime ATX, Classic Game Fest, and others, has been seen by thousands of gamers. He hosts the EBN Podcast, where he interviews influential Esports Industry Leaders from grassroots to professional organizations. Today, Esports Business Network is home to thousands of Esports Business Professionals sharing knowledge & resources to further develop the industry of Esports.


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