Milica Marjanovic with a Follow-up Session for Games-based Learning | Episode 214

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Milica is a master psychologist and constructivist psychotherapist in education, with 5 years of work experience in multinational companies in the role of HR consultant. She started her career in HR in positions focused on recruitment and selection, as well as professional assessment of candidates, resulting in her specializing in assessing the development level of competencies and conducting assessment centers. As a recruiter, and later a consultant delivering career transition programs (outplacement programs), she was able to collaborate and guide many candidates through career change processes. Career transition programs, in particular, required personalized, consulting support and intensive work due to the process of change and the new challenges that candidates face.

In the last two years, Milica works exclusively in the field of professional development, focusing on the design and implementation of the following services:

  • Individual development programs
  • Group development programs
  • Lego Serious Play and game-based development programs
  • Career transitions

The solutions she creates and implements can be a combination of different methodologies depending on the desired results and the profile of the candidate/client:

  • Game-based learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Lego Serious Play – for group/individual game-based approach
  • Constructivist methodology (Theory of personal constructs)
  • Advisory work/support

Key areas of interest:

  • Improving performance, personal productivity, and efficiency
  • Increasing employee engagement, motivation and satisfaction, while maintaining the high business performance of the organization
  • Making learning fun


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