David Chandross Learned Who Does What for Learning Games | Episode 213

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David Chandross began his career as a neuroscientist working in the field of selective attention and cognitive science. After receiving his Ph.D. in curriculum and a second masters degree in medical education he went on to become an academic Dean and then held positions in senior administration across Canada in higher education. His work in gamification began in the 1990s and matured in at Ryerson University after which he accepted a position at the Simon Fraser University in the field of gamification under a 5-year, $3 million dollar simulation and advanced gaming environments federal grant. Currently, Dr. Chandross is a faculty member in the Masters Program In Digital Media at Ryerson University where his graduate students participates in research initiatives in gamification. He is the lead for the Game Design Unit for the World Health Organization Learning Academy in Lyon France and has recently completed a big video game project with the United Nations. His current titles in use for training in health care include Carthage, Hypatia, Symponia and games being delivered in the Canadian higher education system. He has ongoing collaborations with Baycrest Health Sciences, the College of Family Physicians, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto and other institutions to further the implementation of game-based learning in higher education.


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