UX/UI Bootcamp Design Sprint Lessons Learned | Episode 224

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This is an episode where I am summarizing my experience with the Design Sprint during my remote, part-time, UX/UI Design Bootcamp at Ironhack! As you might know, among many other amazing perks of working at Ironhack, we get the opportunity to participate in any of the existing bootcamps in portfolio, so my curiosity led me to taking this chance to deepen my understanding of this fascinating practice! It is intense, so a lot of work involved on top of everything I’m already doing beside this full-time job, but it’s been rewarding and most interesting to learn new things of design, validate some prior understandings (and certainly debunk some mistaken ideas) and get to practice hands-on with things like Design Thinking! I hope you enjoy this episode, and please let me know if you do! You can find below plenty of ways to get in contact with me. Looking forward to your comments!!!


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