Brit Morenus With Gamification at Microsoft and Beyond | Episode 283

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Brit Morenus has a goal to MAKE LEARNING FUN! When she isn’t online supporting Microsoft Contact Centers with gamified learning, she can be found homeschooling her daughter and volunteering with local youth. She truly feels gamification can be a successful approach for all ages for every day life tasks, work tasks, education tasks or even your routine tasks.

Brit has served Microsoft for almost 10 years! She is currently the lead of a self formed Gamification Advisory Board and running gamification efforts for Microsoft Store and Microsoft Advertising contact center employees. She has more than 5 years experience using gamification for continuous on-the-job training. During that time, she has produced award-winning game-based learning experiences and obtained several certifications. Among those, are her Sententia Master Craftsman Gamification title, as well as Microlearning and Gamification certifications from Centrical. Brit is currently working on a book called An Organizational Guide for Gamified Learning with her partner-in-game, Karl Kapp.


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