Mai Trinh With Voluntary Gamification in Statistics | Episode 285

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Mai P. Trinh is an Assistant Professor in Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies at Arizona State University. Her scholarly works empower people to become the best leaders they can be so that we can build a more equitable and equal world together. From the top down, she combines complex adaptive systems science with agent-based modeling to reveal systemic patterns of inequalities, examine the effectiveness of plausible solutions, and recommend leadership actions to alleviate equity and equality. From the bottom up, she uses experiential learning theory to help leaders develop key competencies and improve leadership training and education. Her works serve to advance two of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals, #10 “Reduced inequalities” and #5 “Gender equality.”

Professor Trinh has long been using game-based learning and gamification to help her students learn effectively. She has published innovative experiential methods to develop leadership competencies such as using mobile app games to improve learning flexibility and using gamification to foster quantitative literacy skills. Her latest workshop on applying gamification in  management education was a finalist for the Best Professional Development Workshop Award at the 2022 Academy of Management annual conference.


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