Kathleen Mercury with Failing to Succeed in Game Design | Episode 151

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Kathleen Mercury, M.A.T., M.E.T., has been teaching gifted middle school students for fifteen years using design thinking to create functional art from designing tabletop games and RPGs to filmmaking, cosplay, and more. She shares all of her game design teaching resources at www.kathleenmercury.com for free, and loves to collaborate with educators and industry leaders to promote game design curriculum at every level and format. Continue Reading →

Nicole Lazzaro Applying Her 4 Keys 2 Fun | Episode 150

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Nicole Lazzaro, immersive media trailblazer, entrepreneur and game industry veteran has run XEODesign for 27 years. She discovered how game mechanics create emotion, designed the 1st iPhone game, and the 4 Keys to Fun used by millions of leading developers worldwide. Her 4 Keys are baked into the AI for the Sims and inspired IBM Watson’s sentiment analysis. Her game Tilt World planted Continue Reading →

Cedric Pontet Facilitating Games for Learning | Episode 149

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Cédric Pontet is CTO @ Agile Partner, founder @ #play14, EventStormer, Sketchnoter, Happy Salmon guru, Gnome drawing expert, and much more. He is a seasoned software expert and Agile/Lean coach. He started his software engineering career in 2001 and since 2005, has been happily employed at Agile Partner, where he has worked on a large variety of projects, for customers in both Continue Reading →

Jesper Juul and Handmade Games | Episode 148

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Jesper Juul is a pioneering video game researcher and occasional game developer. With a background in both literature and programming, Jesper has dedicated his life to taking video games seriously as culture and art form. He has published four books on MIT Press, and taught at MIT, NYU, among others. He is currently teaching at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School Continue Reading →

Gamer Motivations with Nick Yee | Episode 147

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Nick Yee is the co-founder and analytics lead of Quantic Foundry. For over two decades, he has conducted and applied research on the psychology of gaming and virtual worlds using a wide variety of methods. At Stanford University, he used immersive virtual reality to explore how avatars can change the way people think and behave. At the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Continue Reading →

The Simple Games that Win with Adrian Hon of Zombies, Run! | Episode 146

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Adrian Hon is co-founder and CEO at Six to Start, creators of gamelike stories and story-like games including the world’s bestselling smartphone fitness game, “Zombies, Run!” with four million players. Six to Start’s clients have included Disney, the BBC, Channel 4, and Penguin, and the company has won multiple awards including Best of Show at SXSW. Adrian is author of A History Continue Reading →

Felipe Walker Into Game-Based Learning for Business Education | Episode 145

 Listen to this episode on your phone! During the last 6 years, he has been teaching courses in the Operations Management area at undergrad, graduate and executive levels. Although he loves teaching, he realized how old fashioned and non-effective is the traditional way of teaching. Based on that experience, he founded GameLab in 2013, an EdTech company that develops online and short-term simulators that enhance the motivation, engagement and Continue Reading →

With Mario Herger Looking into Gamification History | Episode 144

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Mario has been living in Silicon Valley since 2001. He is researching technology trends, writing books and consulting companies on topics such as Innovation, Silicon Valley Mindset, Foresight Mindset, Automotive, Artificial Intelligence, Creativity, Intrapreneurship. For many years he worked at SAP as a development manager and innovation strategist. Now he helps companies on how they can apply the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit Continue Reading →

Nick Metzler Looks for the Emotional Hook in Games | Episode 143

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Nick Metzler has been designing games since he was 4. As a two-time award-winning designer in the Toy and Game Industry, Nick has pushed the boundaries of what board games could be, having worked with major licenses such as Marvel and Disney and integrated smart speakers into his game design. He’s designed challenges for Survivor, helped design an experimental entrepreneurship class at Continue Reading →

Ibrahim Jabary of Gamelearn with Corporate Game-based Learning since 2007 | Episode 142

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Ibrahim Jabary is the CEO and one of the founders of Gamelearn, where he has participated in the concept of all the videogames of the company. He studied business. Later, he did his MBA at IE Business school. After a career in international companies and his experience at Jabary Consulting, a face-to-face training company for managerial skills, he embarked on the adventure Continue Reading →