Steve Bocska Uses Gamification to Drive Customers Up the Pyramid | Episode 117

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Steve is CEO of Pug Interactive, a technology & design leader in engagement, retention, and community activation. He has 17+ years of direct experience in the video game industry, having designed and produced several AAA games for Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Sega and Ubisoft that have generated sales in excess of $650 million. He is frequently sought as a speaker, having spoken Continue Reading →

Scott Crabtree Uses Gamification for his Happy Brain Science | Episode 116

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Scott Crabtree helps people apply science to thrive at work. After earning a degree in cognitive science from Vassar College, he went on to lead the design and development of video games and other software. He discovered the science of thriving (positive psychology and other brain sciences) in 2003 and immediately became a passionate student and teacher of that research. He resigned Continue Reading →

Jennifer Eberhardt Smith Plays Her Game of Colors | Episode 115

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Jennifer Eberhardt Smith is the author of Donuts and Dandelions, finding your Joy and Growth. The simple philosophy of focusing on two main life goals helps clarify what you truly want in life. She is the creator of the arts/communication app Paint To Me, which is the culmination of a years-long project. Jennifer is now focusing on helping others through their life Continue Reading →

Jordan DeVries with the UX to make gamification great | Episode 114

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Jordan DeVries is the Director of UX at Brave UX, based in Washington DC. His clients include Royal Caribbean, Marriott, Discovery Networks, Gensler, Eli Lilly, Rosetta Stone, and ClearChannel. His first exposure to gaming was watching his mother beat Super Mario World. His most recent gaming achievement is reaching Elite in Smash Bros Ultimate Online. Jordan is inundated with user interfaces from the Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas and a Happy 2020!

I just wanted to drop this quick post to wish you all, Engagers and others, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2020! I know, some might not celebrate this or do it differently, so happy holidays in any case. For me, and this is Rob speaking, 2019 has been an immense year for growth, new opportunities and challenges, many or most of which have had something to do Continue Reading →

J Scott Christianson with The Blockchain Game | Episode 113

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Scott is a successful instructor and business owner with more than 24 years of experience in networking, videoconferencing technology, and project management. He currently serves as an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Missouri where his interests are focused on the impact of technology on society and human well-being. He has also created The Blockchain Game to explain how blockchain works Continue Reading →

Lars Hoffmann Creates Strategic Learning Boardgames | Episode 112

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Lars Hoffmann is the Learning Director of DHI, a global water engineering consultancy and software provider. He has used, designed and sold learning games for more than 20 years, working both within and as a consultant in leadership development and change for large international organizations. He has a background in psychology and very much prefers board games to computer games, even though Continue Reading →

Bobby Lockhart talks about the main learning game mechanic | Episode 111

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Bobby Lockhart is an award-winning designer of educational games. He has designed and developed games based on popular Intellectual Properties like Jurassic World and Batman and has created games for institutions like the Notebaert Nature Museum and the Anti-Cruelty Society. His games have been shown at the Bit Bash festival, Alt.Ctrl at GDC, and the Games•Learning•Society conference. He is an expert blogger Continue Reading →

Loretta Breuning and the happy brain chemicals for gamification | Episode 110

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Loretta Graziano Breuning, Ph.D., is the author of Habits of a Happy Brain, and founder of the Inner Mammal Institute. She’s Professor Emerita of Management at California State University, East Bay. As a teacher and a mom, she was disappointed by prevailing theories of human motivation. Her search for answers led to the brain chemistry we share with animals, and then everything Continue Reading →

Jason Bodnar has Element Poker for School | Episode 109

 Listen to this episode on your phone! Jason has been teaching high school science for 13 years and enjoys spending time with his 5-year-old daughter when he isn’t designing games or running the board game club at school. He also loves playing the piano and going to concerts. Jason started Engage Games about a year ago with the goal of developing games that help students become engaged in content Continue Reading →