Go to GamiCon 2018 with Professor Game!

If you’re here, you probably listened to either Monica’s interview on Professor Game or on Rob’s interview on Gamification Talk Radio with Monica, both of which talk about GamiCon. If not, don’t worry, you can listen to them through those links later. You came to this page to enjoy the special benefits of becoming one of the Engagers who goes to GamiCon 2018, and below we list the main additional benefits:

VIP Elite Status for the Engagers!

  • FREE Backstage Pass to the Exclusive GamiCon Beautiful People After Party
  • FREE VIP Entrance and Priority Seating Each Morning of GamiCon
  • FREE 2-hour Consultation with a GamiCon Speaker of Your Choice
  • FREE “Cut the Line” Pass for Lunch each day of GamiCon
  • FREE Registration for a Sententia Gamification Virtual Level 1 Certification
  • FREE 30-page Special Report on Gamification Mechanics, Motivators, and Prototyping

All you have to do is these three steps:

  1. Subscribe to the email list of Professor Game with your name and email (below).
  2. Register to the conference through this link: gamicon.us/register. You’ll notice that the VIP Elite Status is no longer available for the general public, but it is for you if follow these steps!
  3. Send an email to professor[at]professorgame.com where you let us know that you followed steps 1 and 2!

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See you at GamiCon!

Professor Game