Third Anniversary of Professor Game Podcast! | Episode 158

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Special anniversary episode of Professor Game Podcast! Here you will find all the details, pictures, mini-videos and all of it.

We have a special sponsor of the celebration, and that is @CarolsParties! She was very generous by organizing all this, taking all the pictures and the videos except for the one that I narrate. Thanks for sponsoring this episode and celebration, keep doing great parties!

And with this, I leave you to have some fun with pics and videos.

This is what the whole setup looked like, how many details and references to podcast, games and all round good things can you find?

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This is of course me having fun with all the good stuff!

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Quick video I narrate on all of this!

Some fun on these short ones (YouTube Playlist)

There are many ways to get in touch with Professor Game:

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Episode transcription

Rob (7s):
Engagers welcome to this special, this different episode that we are having today to celebrate. What are we celebrating? It is the third anniversary of the Professor Game Podcast! Yes, it’s been three years since we started this, this episode, 158. Isn’t that amazing? And we’re growing strong every day, every week, every month, every year. Thanks to you, to your engagement, to your involvement, to the fantastic things that you’re doing out there. Partially at least inspired, I hope, by what you listen to in the interviews that we have in this podcast and these episodes where we try to bring you that inspiration, all of those things that we try to bring for you.

Rob (54s):
Because that’s a reason that we’re here, but I’ve also heard, you know, that it is important to every now and then to pause and reflect, to pause and see the things that are going on. And especially on occasions like this one where we have something special to celebrate. Even in a year that has been as difficult as 2020, but there is an occasion for us to celebrate, to pause, to pause, to reflect, to celebrate, to enjoy the good things that also have happened. So I’m going to take this occasion. I am going to hit pause on today. This week. We will, instead of having the typical interviews or episodes that we always have, we’re going to hit pause. And instead of being with us together, some, you know, 20, 30, 40 minutes in a podcast, I am going to invite you to and there you will find the third-anniversary episode.

Rob (1m 43s):
And there I’m going to invite you to see what we did we had. And this was sponsored by Carol’s parties. We had a small party, a small celebration here, you know, indoors. She was generous enough to, she’s organizing and creating party boxes and, and you know, many interesting things for parties. And she was generous enough to give us her time, her energy, all of those materials that you will see you there. Some of the things are mine, some of the things that she brought in, and she even, she even bought to make this a very special celebration, which we both hope that you enjoy a lot. It’s been a lot of fun to be there, to be in the pictures. There’s some short videos, some boomerangs, some slow motions.

Rob (2m 25s):
You’ll hopefully see all of those things there. It was very, very exciting. And I hope you enjoy it as well. And today, instead of ending with, you know, the typical thing that we say that it’s game over, today since it’s an anniversary we’re looking forward, we’re looking to the future and I’m also inviting you to check out the webpage and see those pictures and those videos. I’m actually going to say that for now and for today. It’s time to say game on! Thank you and see you there.

End of transcription

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